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Fee $150
All retail, direct sales/MLM, crafters, prepackaged sealed baked goods, pre-bottled sealed beverages, pre-packaged ice cream treats, prepackaged sealed foods (Ex sauces, dips, relishes, etc), service providers and all other for profit vendors.
(Made to order drinks/foods (Hot or Cold) will fall under food truck/food tents and require to be registered with NYS Department of Health)

  • Payment due within 7 days

    • You will receive automatic payment remainders

  • Vendors must submit a Special Event License Application (2023 Temporary Stand/Exhibitor) The City of Buffalo is requiring this. Please note this is only needed if you are selling products or services at the event. If you are only advertising your business this is not needed.

    • This is an additional cost of $35 and the responsibility of the vendor.​

    • This will be due July 1st, 2023. A payment link will be sent to vendors to submit the fee through Field Day Fest Host.

    • Field Day Fest host will then submit all forms and payment to City of Buffalo and a email blast will be sent to vendors to show proof of payment submission to the City of Buffalo.

  • Filling out the application you agree to all rules and policies in the previous page, current page and application

  • Fill out application HERE 

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